A nun's gear doesn't sign other women as "whores". However, what about a woman in an islamic "chastity" gear?

K.S. Lal (a giant among historians): Mahmud of Ghazni had marched into Hindustan again and again to wage jihad and spread the Muhammadan religion, to lay hold of its wealth, to destroy its temples, to enslave its people, sell them abroad and thereby earn profit, and to add to muslim numbers by converting the captives.

Is BBC 100% steered by muslims? Not only can you ever hear anything critical about islam and muslims - but all main channels are also occupied by sharia (OIC) supporting (i.e. against basic Human Rights equality) muslims. Nazir Afzal ('Moral maze', news, culture etc.), Mishal Husain (news, culture etc.), Samira Ahmed (news, culture etc.), Razia Iqbal (news, culture etc.). And they all keep cheating the public about it and instead pointing finger to "dumb and hateful xenophobes". Not a word about e.g. Council of Europe's harsh critcism (see below) of muslims biggest sharia organization, the Saudi based and steered OIC. Foreigners isn't the peoblem - sharia islam is!

BBC's muslims and their PC supporters also meddle in UK election by demonizing "islamophobia", i.e. trying to stop critcs of islamofascism.

Muslim child/youth fascism induced by an islam interpretation from family and strengthened by PC media, politicians etc.

Peter Klevius: Everyone - incl. every muslim who respects Human Rights - ought to make sure to vote for an "islamophobe"! BBC and Sayeeda Warsi will make their utmost to stop critics of islamofascism in the election. Don't be robbed of your democratic right. And of course you know that the only real problem with migration is islamofascism.

BBC's "man in Hong Kong" asked street terror leader Joshua Wong if they could possibly escalate violence. And they could. One day later they put a Chinese on fire in a murder attempt.

While US/UK aim for militarism and war, China aims for health and wealth.

While US/UK aim for militarism and war, China aims for health and wealth.
The Saudi Aramco and OIC scams

Peter Klevius: The Saudi Aramco sale is the biggest ripoff in the world. If there's any future in oil and you don't care about environment, then why buy what's at its peak when Venezuela's PDVSA is bigger and as low it can get?!

Are you an "islamophobe" if you don't like islamist Human Rights violations? Islam has (via OIC's sharia declaration) abandoned the most basic anti-fascist Human Rights from 1948. Islam is hence the only religion in doing so - not even the Catholics have needed to replace Human Rights with "Catholic human rights".

The seed for world fascism is dormant in Saudi based and steered OIC's world sharia - opposed by ECHR and Peter Klevius, but supported by Sayeeda Warsi.

Breakit instead of Brexit because what's the point of leaving one EU while still staying in an other called UK? England voted leave.

However, unfortunately BBC demonizes China on behalf of UK's relying on militarist meddling, weapons sales and islamofascist sharia finance. So you see the solution: Cut off sharia etc. islamofascist ties and open up for prospering with China - not the over-selfish game of spying and dying of US.

BBC boosts stupid nationalist "Britishness" with peculiar "sports" like cricket and rugby because the world has already "colonized" football and the English language is a global property.

Nigel Farage is like BBC against "islamophobia" and pro-Saudi - but Boris Johnson doesn't like letter boxes and was criticized by Theresa May for being critical against the Saudis while serving as her foreign minister.

China (laws against sharia islamofascism) and EU (Human Rights against sharia islamofascism) are now the only ones protecting basic (negative*) Human Rights.
* Religious people and socialists don't like negative Human Rights simply because they prefer collectives ("communities") rather than individuals. That's why the web is full of misinfo about these rights. Read Peter Klevius definition instead if you want a deep view - or listen to Lauren Chen starting from 7:11 if you want it light
The Saudi "custodian of islam" has some 1.5 billion "citizens" in the muslim world Ummah nation - and demands the world to bow them no matter what (as long they aren't Shia or so, of course). China, on the other hand, keeps its citizens and laws within its own borders. IS islam IS fascism and islam (even the archbishop agrees). So why is sharia fascism not separated from an "islam" that submits to basic Human Rights? As it stands now Saudi based and steered OIC's sharia (the 1990 Cairo declaration) still stands as the basic Human Rights violation via sharia muslims all over the world. And whereas China actively tries to erase sharia islamofascism, EU keeps promoting import of it while judicially telling us it's not right, yet doing nothing to stop it.
Unlike the West, China hasn't aggressively meddled militaristically in other countries around the world, but rather being the world's foremost spreader of new technology and wealth. And whereas the West has eagerly supported Mohammed's totalitarian aims, China has, in practise, implemented in law most of the Human Rights advices that The Council of Europe has directed against OIC. Against this background West's Saudi backing and China smearing is deeply bigoted and hypocritical.

John le Carré: I'm depressed and ashamed of British nationalism. Nationalism needs enemies but today we really have no identifiable enemies except among ourselves.

North Atlantic (sic) Treaty Organization invades a country in Mideast and attacks (with chemical weapons) a people without a country.

UK's Brexit business model: Sharia finance, weapons sale and militaristic meddling?UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (sic) and Global Neo-Imperialist and Militarist Meddling, Jeremy Hunt, 15 Oct. 2019: It's wrong to accuse Donald Trump - it's Americans isolationism because American taxpayers don't want to pay between 1/2 and 2/3 of the defense of Europe. And Turkey is very skilled at finding wedges and gaps between allies. UK should be EU's bridge to US.
Peter Klevius: No, EU should take care of its own defense - against whom? The Saudi dictator family who is the world's no 1 spender on weapons and islamic terror incitement and who hates EU's anti-sharia legislation? And UK taxpayers should not have to pay more for dangerous militarism. Militaristic meddling is a bad and dangerous business idea.

Read K.S. Lal (free online) on islam's evil spread!

A Google (i.e. U.S. web monopoly) search (20191006) reports 'islamists Hong Kong' "missing". Really! No islamists in Hong Kong? Peter Klevius also wonders if EU citizens in UK are UKongers and can peacefully demand the same rights as Joshua Wong violently demands (and eagerly broadcasted by BBC) for Hong Kongers?

Peter Klevius congratulates Savid Javid for abandoning the islamofascist "islamophobia" smear. BBC’s bigoted hypocrite Mishal Husain and others ought to follow!

BBC's Mark Mardell couldn't get a visa to China because of his extreme and hateful Sinophobia - but that didn't stop him/BBC from producing a fake anti-China program series while pretending to be there. Is Sinophobia really better than cooperation?

Are EU citizens in UK included in Tom Tugenhadt's "British people"?

Sinophobe Tom Tugendhat, chair of UK's Foreign Affairs Committee (who has studied islam and Arabic in Mideast) suggests that English speaking universities should consider banning Chinese students because "they might be used as leverage like Huawei". Peter Klevius wonders if one could be any more racist than this, and if he doesn't see any islamofascist sharia supremacist "leverage" at all? Btw, there are more than 50,000 Chinese muslims in Hong Kong. Peter Klevius wonders how many of them are "radical" ones and participate in BBC's lengthy anti-China propaganda "news" - while the world doesn't suffer from Chinese but from muslim violence and Human Rights violations?

US/UK destroyed the lives of millions of Chinese during some hundred years of evil militaristic meddling. BBC is now busy smearing China all the time while supporting Saudi islamofascism and violent Hong Kong demonstrators - but neglecting the mass of peaceful pro-China demonstrators. BBC also "worries" about Chinese "surveillance state" while the truth is China's technological superiority. US is much more insidious in its surveillance policies but lacks the techno - can't even produce a working 5G so far. US/UK follow exactly China but utilize the meantime to smear it. And who is really behind the Hong Kong riots? Someone who can't take China's success? But the Syria tactics won't work. US (and its UK puppet) wants to be able to meddle militarily near China - therefore its interest in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Tibet, Myanmar, Uyghur extremist muslims etc.

As Greta Thunberg is allegedly reported to the Swedish social authorities, Peter Klevius suggests that her parents read his thesis Pathological Symbiosis in LVU, Relevance, and Sex Segregated Emergence. Keeping in mind that Peter Klevius daughter was only 15 when she entered university and at 16 made her graduate paper about women in ancient times, it shouldn't be considered too sensitive for Greta either. Also read the attached email correspondence which clearly shows how democracy is manipulated. And why not consider Angels of Antichrist, the Social State vs the People (P. Klevius 1996). And last but not least, Peter Klevius 1981/1992 Demand for Resources (original titel Resursbegär).
Peter Klevius and the Council of Europe share exactly the same "islamophobia".
Council of Europe. Resolution 2253 (2019), Sharia, Saudi based and steered OIC's Cairo Declaration and the European Convention on Human Rights: Human Rights protect the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion as enshrined in Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The right to manifest one’s religion, however, is a qualified right whose exercise, under Article 17 of the Convention, may not aim at the destruction of other Convention rights or freedoms.

People in UK-land (especially women) will loose their Human Rights after Brexit - while sharia prevails in UK, and UK citizens in EU are protected by the European Court of Human Rights.

Brexit was meant to protect UK from muslim invasion via Turkey's proposed visa free deal with Merkel. Even the possibility of temporary membership in ECHR (in case of a deal) isn't enough - especially considering UK will be out of reach of the European Court of Justice.

US loosing the tech war - and starting a real one?

US loosing the tech war - and starting a real one?

A muslim wants to criminalize Peter Klevius islamophobia. Really!

A muslim wants to criminalize Peter Klevius islamophobia. Really!
West's indulgence of islamofascism (sharia) has made its boasting against China about "democratic values" empty. The risk of you being stabbed, raped etc. by a hateful jihadi is created by your political leaders, BBC etc. - who also have arranged so it's not even called a hate crime.

Peter Klevius stands for these "stops" and due huge implications - all shame on him if you can prove him wrong (click links if you need to educate yourself before saying something stupid): Stop using the misleading 'gender' instead of sex (sociology)! Stop islam's abuse of Human Rights (jurisprudence)! Stop saying humans came "out of Africa" (anthropology)! Stop talking about "consciousness" when you don't know what you're talking about (philosophy/ai).

Peter Klevius: BBC supports the islamofascist Saudi dictator family's strategic use of supremacist islam which has spred muslim hate all over the world's streets, institutions etc. (and usually not correctly, if at all, reported by BBC which instead doesn't hesitate to give long coverage of "alternative news" that better suits its propaganda) - while muslim terrorist organizations keep it within muslim territories. So if true Salafists became the "gurdians of islam's holy places" then that would mean less muslim terror elsewhere. And less to cover up for BBC. How big a contributor to the suffering of islamic supremacist hate crimes has BBC's fake (and lack of) info been? Will we in the future see BBC in an international court accused of crimes against humanity? As it stands now the spill over effect of BBC's cynical support of proxy evil is stained in blood and rape etc. over innocent people. And if true Salafists took over in muslim countries, they would quickly become non-muslim countries. A better option than today's prolonged suffering caused by the hopeless effort to "adapt" a medieval slavery ideology to a modern world based on everyone's Human Rights equality. And if it's so important to keep islam in name only - then islam would loose all of its racist and sexist "we and the other" appeal anyway.

Why is BBC aiding islamofascism?

Why is BBC aiding islamofascism?

Statues of football player Nilla Fischer and Caroline Seger vandalized in Sweden

Statues  of football player Nilla Fischer and Caroline Seger vandalized in Sweden

Islam (represented in UN by Saudi based and steered OIC and its sharia called “islamic human rights”) is against Human Rights!

Sweden’s Supreme Court has found a man guilty of rape for having sex without explicit consent from a "teenage woman" who had been passive and gave no clear expression that she wanted to participate in the sexual acts. Lack of a partner’s spoken agreement or any other clear approval can hence be considered rape. However, islamic sharia gives a muslim man the "right" to have sex with wives and and concubines his "right hand possesses" (e.g. "infidel" girls/women). The neo-islamist rational (original openly supremacist islam didn't need one) is that "it satisfies the sexual desire of the female". Peter Klevius wonders if Swedish Courts will accept this reasoning - perhaps only for muslims?!

Peter Klevius also wonders whether BBC's leading presenter, the alcohol drinking and not Ramadan fasting, Pakistan rooted and Saudi raised muslim, Mishal Husain, approves of sharia?

UK introduced face recognition after for many years accusing Chinese for having it. Peter Klevius wonders how this fits UK's face covered muslims and others who utilize it?

So how do you vote for someone critical of islam's Human Rights violations if parties don't allow "islamophobia"? Is it democracy?

What do BBC and Jeremy Hunt have in common? Both support the islamofascist murderer and war criminal Mohammad bin Salman.

Peter Klevius: Girls' emancipation needs more football and less cricket, netball etc.

BBC's cricket propaganda is a slap in the face of young girls who need equally much moving around and spatial skills as young boys. However, there's a huge sex segregation in females motivation and access to football - not only the world's by far most popular physical sport, but also the only one that doesn't use tools or hands to handle the ball, and which makes all participants moving most of the time even without the ball. Moreover, the very nature of the sport forces participants to a never ending series of spatial and strategic challenges - with or without the ball and even while playing alone. So why is BBC so hostile to the Queen of sports (the "beautiful game") that is perfect for the physical and spatial development of girls - and in the face of the football loving majority who has to pay compulsory fees (and paying extra for football channels) to this faking regime propaganda media that uses stiff and lifeless colonial cricket for neo-colonial purpose?! England banned football for girls/women already 1921 and suggested cricket, land hockey and netball instead - almost like today except it's not called a ban. And what about the laughable notion of a "world cup" in cricket?! When is the "world cup" in caber tossing between Gotland and Scotland?

The murderous war criminal, Saudi muslim "custodian of islam" (and OIC) "prince" MBS is OK but Human Rights defender Peter Klevius isn't. Why?! Because the former isn't an "islamophobe", dude!
Stop US global bullying! What moral right does US have trying to dominate Earth and space? "God"?! Or the Saudi murderer and mass murderer "prince"?! Hasn't US sucked out enough already from the rest of the world? A global dollar manipulation favoring US and paid by the rest. A US marked global license and patent imperialism - and Android. Is Internet next?

26 June 2019: BBC's leading presenter, the alcohol drinking and not ramadan fasting Pakistan rooted muslim, Mishal Husain (brought up in Saudi Arabia), worried about Boris Johnson not having cricket as his hobby.

25 June 2019: BBC's leading presenter, the alcohol drinking and not ramadan fasting muslim, Mishal Husain (brought up in Saudi Arabia), sounds desperate when trying to smear Johnson. Is it because Boris 2016 was critical against the Saudis while foreign minister and 2018 critical of muslim women packed in burqas etc.?
BBC thinks the militaristic Saudiphil Jeremy Hunt "is a safer option" as UK PM. What about you?

BBC News 8:00 AM 23 June 2019: Johnson financially unfit because he spilled wine on a couch.

BBC News 8:00 AM 23 June 2019: Johnson financially unfit because he spilled wine on a couch.
Is the Saudi "custodian of islam" a muslim - and is the very question "islamophobic", "muslimophobic" or "Saudiphobic"?
Why is BBC comparing Saudi with China?! China's leader isn't a murderer, war criminal, and spreader of terror on the streets! "If we drop the Saudis then we can't deal with China either." Really?! BTW, 'Diversity' means different/conflicting whereas its antonym stands for similar/friendly.

Blinked by BBC's fake "news" which instead boost militaristic confrontation and the smearing of China: The Saudi war criminal "custodian of islam" who murdered Khashoggi is now the world's new Hitler. However, unlike Hitler's Germanic language imperialism, bin Salman's Arabic language imperialism is added by a totalitarian imperialism due to the fact that he is a muslim and as such represents the totality of islam (inc. the Saudi based and steered all muslims world organization O.I.C.'s sharia declaration against Human Rights). Peter Klevius has for long pointed out that we need to distinguish between Human Rights obeying "muslims" and "extremist" muslims, but for some reason they are all bundled as 'muslims'.

Chinese high tech is met with Sinophobia, bans (tariffs) and militarism by US/UK/EU.

Chinese high tech is met with Sinophobia, bans (tariffs) and militarism by US/UK/EU.

Peter Klevius evolution formula.

Peter Klevius serious questions to you "out of Africa" believer! Ask yourself:
How come that the oldest primates came from outside Africa; that the oldest great ape divergence happened outside Africa; that the oldest bi-pedals are from outside Africa; that the only australopithecines with a Homo skull lived as far from Africa you can get; that the oldest truly modern looking skull is from eastern China; that the oldest Africans are mongoloid; that the latest genetic mix that shaped the modern human happened in Siberia and is traced to SE Asia; that the earliest sophisticated art is found from Iberia to Sulawesi - but not in Africa; that the oldest round skulled Homo sapiens in sub-Saharan Africa are much younger than similar skulls in Eurasia; that we lack ancient enough DNA from Africa, etc. etc.? Peter Klevius theory answers all these questions - and more.

Peter Klevius evolution formula.

Existence-centrism (Peter Klevius 1986)

Read this: The "out of Africa" hoax is worse than the Piltdown hoax - and much bigger and more worrisome. When will “out of Africaphobia” be criminalized?

Nothing in Primate/Haplorhini evolution came out of Africa - not even Africa (it was disconnected due to tectonics).

A “definition” of “islamophobia” ought to be balanced with a definition of muslim Human Rightsphobia.

"Diversity" without basic (negative) Human Rights is like having a car without steering - dangerous.

In its senseless and continuous "islamophobia" ranting BBC says to be 'muslim' is the same as to be 'English'. Klevius thinks not. A 'muslim' is one who wittingly or unwittingly adheres to what historical records show being the most evil enslaving ideology ever around (from a Human Rights perspective). And Klevius doesn't count as real muslims those who call themselves "cultural muslims" for the purpose of benefiting from a certain "ethnicity", or those who against their will are trapped in muslimhood because of the evil apostasy tenet in islam. And islamic "modesty" attires is a protected way of calling other women "whores".

Klevius suggests the UK baby should be named Muhammad. After all, according to BBC, the Queen is related to him and all politicians love islam. And several hadiths describe him as white (one even proposing the killing of anyone who says he was black). Only problem being that he then may be described as a white supremacist. Luckily the baby, according to BBC, is “mix-race”.

Klevius to EU voters: If you respect Human Rights - don’t vote for anyone who supports the islamofascist Saudi dictator family who spreads Human Rightsphobia via the Saudi based and steered OIC’s world sharia!

And if you respect your Earthly home – don’t support a hate ideology that encourages over-population and sex apartheid. We don’t need more workers because the most profitable sectors have the least jobs – a trend that AI accelerates.

No true muslim can be fully human.

Why? Because islam's dividing the world in muslims and (not fully human) "infidels" makes it impossible. Only by fully accepting the basic (s.c. 'negative') Universal Human Rights equality - which islam can't accept (see e.g. Saudi based and steered all muslims world Ummah sharia organization OIC) without committing ideological suicide - can we meet every human as basically equal, in the same way as we can give every road-user a basic equality in traffic, i.e. we have traffic sense. So Klevius asks muslims whether they have "traffic sense"? And for all the rest of you - to be 'human' in a global sense can only be achieved by giving every human you meet basic equality - no matter how alien that human might feel to you. Because every human has the right to be "alien" and there can't even be any alternative to this as long as we don't accept brainwashed totalitarianism (see e.g. Klevius 1996 paper Angels of Antichrist). This is the only way to meaningfully talk about 'humankind'. And to alien hunters Klevius says you probably meet them every day already.

A "good muslim" is one who suppresses and distorts original islam so to fit Human Rights. However, some just pretend to do so - and some just continue hating the "infidel".

So when BBC and other fake media talk about xenophobia against muslims, they actually contribute to spread xenophobia themselves.

Ultimate bigotry and hypocrisy – spying and meddling 5 Eyes instead of true 5G?

Saudi hate spreading antennas (Salafi/Wahhabi mosques etc.) or Chinese world leading 5G tech? No one knows the amount of street etc. victims of Saudi hate because when the haters are muslims their attacks are not recorded as hate crimes.

The real threat is the US led Saudi supporting spy organization 5 Eyes, which 1) tries to block superior tech, and 2) uses China as a scapegoat for US/UK privacy breaches. It's not China but US that wants to control you! So "securing 5G from Chinese influence" actually means giving US/UK a technical space for spying/influencing etc. In short, trying to hinder US/UK customers from accessing the best technology while spying on them.

Muslim terrorists get legal aid to stay in UK - EU nationals don't!

BBC collected a UKIP hating public to shout "islamophobia" against islam criticism.

However, the very same BBC also willfully misleads people about islam so that most people in UK are completely unaware of that Saudi based and steered OIC and its extreme Human Rightsphobia is a world guide for (sharia) muslims. Moreover, BBC's top presenter (Mishal Husain) who seems to be muslim in name only (drinking alcohol, not fasting on Ramadan, no muslim attire, no Haji, no sharia, etc) so to dupe the public about islam.

The 1948 Human Rights declaration was created to protect against fascism. Accepting islam without a clear border against sharia that violates the most basic Human Rights, allows space for islamofascism (i.e. original supremacist islam).

However, the new fascist mob is shouting "islamophobia" because islam can't comply with it (compare Saudi based and steered OIC's sharia declaration against Human Rights). This smear is then "enhanced" by connecting it to murderers, Nazis, right wing extremists etc. Islam's sharia sexism and racist supremacism is the problem - so why is addressing it "bad"?!

BBC is also keen on silencing the only truly free media, i.e. bloggers etc. social media.

The crystal clear connection between the surge in knife, rape etc. attacks and islam - and its custodian, the islamofascist Saudi dictator family - is desperately silenced by BBC and politicians (BBC now tries to cover this up by airing long programs about "conventional" knife crimes instead). This means they are directly complicit, doesn't it. Klevius suggests boycotting BBC and Saudi bribed politicians. They constitute the worst security threat.

Muslim terrorists get legal aid to stay in UK - EU nationals don't!

The best explanation to the surge in knife crimes since 2015 is the Islamic State's exhortation to street jihad. However, the police don't record hate crimes as muslim - other than if directed against muslims. And do consider that IS and the Saudi dictator family both rest on the same Salafi islam that most young true muslims in the West follow. Following Salafism (etc. true muslimhood) involves distinguishing muslims from others, to show that one only belongs to islam and that true muslims ought to be strangers to the "infidels". When Klevius sees a muslim woman in burqa, veil etc. he thinks that's a supremacist and rapist attitude towards other women. And certainly contempt of Human Rights.

UK continues even after Brexit to use EU citizens as bargaining chips by placing their rights in an unsafe statutory instrument instead of in the law.

Stop security cooperation with UK whose close connection to the the suspected murderer, war criminal and islamic terror spreading islamofascist Saudi custodian of islam, Mohammad bin Salman, constitutes the by far worst threat against the security of people in EU! Moreover, sharia islam (the only real islam for real muslims) which is a racist and sexist supremacist ideology that violates Human Rights, is supported by UK.

Don't let haters and Human Rightsphobes get away with it by calling themselves 'believers'!

Either religion is (grades of) supremacist hate and sexism and you better become an Atheist (and therefore universal human) - or you keep your "beliefs" for yourself. In traffic you can think what you want about other people, but you can't drive over them!

You muslim should be ashamed of calling Human Rights defenders "islamophobes"

- and take responsibility for your own supremacist sharia, represented by Saudi based and steered all muslims world organization OIC, which violates the most basic Human Rights! And do note the difference between universal impositions and universal freedom! Full respect of the other rests on accepting her/his freedom. This is the only way of being universally human.

Islam is an evil* supremacist and divisive ideology - why isn’t this told by BBC, schools etc.?

* weighed against the anti-fascist, anti-supremacist, anti-racist and anti-sexist Universal Human Rights declaration of 1948 that all civilized people are supposed to build on. Islam doesn't fit these goals, so OIC (the legal world Umma steered from and by the Saudi dictator family) decided to replace them with medieval racist, sexist and supremacist sharia.

Article 24 of the Saudi based and steered OIC's sharia declaration (CDHRI) states: "All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Sharia." Article 19 says: "There shall be no crime or punishment except as provided for in the Sharia." CDHRI also fails to guarantee freedom of religion, in particular the right of each and every individual to abandon their religion, as a "fundamental and non-derogable right".

Article 10 of the Declaration states: "Islam is the religion of unspoiled nature. It is prohibited to exercise any form of compulsion on man or to exploit his poverty or ignorance in order to convert him to another religion or to Atheism." Since in Islamic society all reasons for conversion away from Islam are considered to be essentially either compulsion or ignorance, this effectively forbids conversion away from Islam.

CDHRI denies women equality with men by imposing "own rights" and "duties to perform".

Klevius "islamophobic" heroine Nawal El Saadawi from Egypt

Klevius "islamophobic" heroine Nawal El Saadawi from Egypt

Anti Human Rights muslim or not?

A global world is only possible under the guidance of (negative – i.e. individual freedom from racist/sexist impositions) Human Rights - as outlined in the original anti-fascist Universal Human Rights declaration of 1948. It excludes any religious or other supremacist tenets or impositions on the individual.

Due to the above and due to the West (politicians and media) having locked itself in with the islamofascist Saudi dictator family (the custodians of islam) we now have a deficit of (negative) Human Rights education – but massively more religious propaganda (e.g. Saudi spread “islamophobia” smear) against these rights. Against this background it's utmost hypocrisy to point against wealth spreading China while supporting islamic hate, terror and war crimes spreading hegemonic Saudi dictator family.

When Klevius writes 'islamofascist' it should always be understood as islamic default tenets (e.g. OIC's world sharia) that are gravely opposite UN's anti-fascist 1948 Universal Human Rights declaration. So Klevius suggests every muslim to openly declare if they oppose the most basic Human Rights or not. This is particularly important when it comes to media people and politicians who say they are muslims but hesitate on this most crucial issue.
Klevius supports no border on Ireland. Follow the will of the people, i.e. let England leave and let Scotland and Northern Ireland stay. UK is an unconstitutional mess which now wants to leave EU without controlling its border to EU. A proper constitution would have demanded qualified majority in two consecutive elections/votes about such a crucial matter as Brexit - and being aware what the vote is about. The root of the problem is England's mad man Henry 8's colonialization of Ireland and lack of constitution. The preposterous "British" Brexit parody is then spiced with the government's and BBC's use of religious hate mongering etc. In summary UK is an anomaly of countries trying to be a state in a world of federal states united as countries.

Calling criticism of islam "islamophobia" is pure racism and also supports islamic racism and sexism

BBC isn't much interested in anti-semitism, homophobia etc. but uses them as an excuse for its Saudi/OIC supported "islamophobia" smear campaign against Human Rights.

Is BBC's Pakistan rooted and Saudi raised muslim(?) presenter Mishal Husain an "islamophobe" against evil* islam, or an apostate supporting toothless** "islam"? She doesn't fast during Ramadan but rather drinks some alcohol, and doesn't veil herself and says she doesn't feel any threats to her way of life (Klevius: thanks to Human Rights - not sharia islam), well knowing how muslim and non-muslim women suffer in muslim sharia countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia without Human Rights. What would she say to a muslim terrorist asking her if she's a muslim? Isn't it about time to stop this bigoted and hypocritical indirect support of islamofascism that this Saudi/OIC initiated "islamophobia" smear camopaign against Human Rights*** is all about?

* Human Rights equality violating sharia islam
** in line with the anti-fascist, anti-racist and anti-sexist U.N.'s 1948 Universal Human Rights declaration.
*** Socialists have an ideological problem with individual Human Rights, and are therefore vulnerable for islamism (see Klevius 1994).

Saudi islamofascism more important than the peaceful erasing of poverty by China?!

Saudi islamofascism more important than the peaceful erasing of poverty by China?!

Is UK turning into a militaristic unconstitutional islamofascist rogue state?

First UK people voted to join and share borders with EU. Then England voted to leave while Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay. And now UK politicians want to leave while keeping the Irish EU border open. UK lacks a modern constitution according to which a constitutional issue has to pass at least two majority votes.

Rabbi Sacks: "BBC runs Britain." Klevius: Pro-sharia BBC meddles worldwide.

Rabbi Sacks: "BBC runs Britain." Klevius: Pro-sharia BBC meddles worldwide.

Saudi induced muslim attack on UK Parliament. How many elsewhere? And what about Saudi/OIC's sharia

Saudi induced muslim attack on UK Parliament. How many elsewhere? And what about Saudi/OIC's sharia

Peter Klevius "islamophobia"/Human Rightsphobia test for you and your politicians

Saudi hate speech against Human Rights in EU

Saudi hate speech against Human Rights in EU

UN with muslim terrorists in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Warning for a muslim robot!

There's no true islam without Human Rights violating sharia

There's no true islam without Human Rights violating sharia

Klevius CV

Some basic facts to consider about Klevius* (except that he is both "extremely normal" and extremely intelligent - which fact, of course, would not put you off if you're really interested in these questions):

* Mentored by G. H. von Wright, Wittgenstein's successor at Cambridge.

1 Klevius' analysis of consciousness is the only one that fits what we know - after having eliminated our "pride" bias of being humans (which non-human would we impress, anyway?). Its starting point is described and exemplified in a commentary to Jurgen Habermas in Klevius book Demand for Resources (1992:30-33, ISBN 9173288411, based on an article by Klevius from 1981), and is further explained in a commentary to Francis Crick's book The Astonishing Hypothesis under the title The Even More Astonishing Hypothesis (EMAH), which can be found in Stalk's archive and which has been on line since 2003 for anyone to access/assess.

2 Klevius out of island/mainland fluctuating Southeast Asia Denisovans up to big skulled Siberians as the birth of much more intelligent modern humans who then spread all over the world, is the only analysis that fits both genetic reality as well as tool and art sophistication seen in e.g. the Denisova cave (no dude, Blombos etc. don’t come even close).

3 Klevius criticism of Human Rights violating sharia islamofascism (e.g. OIC) which is called "islamophobia" by islamofascists and their supporters who don't care about the most basic of Human Rights (e.g. re. women). Klevius' "islamophobia" has two roots: 1) UN's 1948 Universal Human Rights declaration, which, contrary to any form of muslim sharia, doesn't, for example, allow sex to be an excuse for robbing females of their full Human Rights equality, and 2) the history of the origin of islam ( e.g. Hugh Kennedy, Robert G. Hoyland, K. S. Lal etc.) which reveals a murderous, pillaging, robbing, enslaving and raping racist/sexist supremacist ideology that exactly follows precisely those basic islamic tenets which are now called "unislamic" but still survive today (as sharia approved sex slavery, sharia approved "liberation” jihad, academic jihad etc.) behind the sharia cover which is made even more impenetrable via the spread of islamic finance, mainly steered from the islamofascist Saudi dictator family.

4 Klevius analysis of sex segregation/apartheid (now deceptively called “gender segregation”) and heterosexual attraction - see e.g. Demand for Resources (1981/1992), Daughters of the Social State (1993), Angels of Antichrist (1996), Pathological Symbiosis (2003), or Klevius PhD research on heterosexual attraction/sex segregation and opposition to female footballers (published in book form soon).

UK PM candidate Rees-Mogg: Germans needed Human Rights - we don't. Klevius: I really think you do.

Is Mrs Theresa May digging a racist/sexist "British" sharia "empire" under the Brexit cliff?

BBC's compulsory fee funded propaganda for Saudi sharia islam

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Today England's parliament vote between islamofascist sharia and Human Rights - without even mentioning sharia. Shame on you England, to even have to vote about it!

While Theresa May tries to pave the way for islamofascist Saudi friendly sharia by trashing Human Rights, BBC fills its news with the suffering of Rohyngia muslims - without a word about the Saudi backed muslim terrorist attacks against Buddhists that preceded it.

Support Klevius' Atheist anti-fascism against islamofascism

This is what BBC's muslim sharia presenter Mishal Husain "forgot" to report. Mishal grew up in the very same theocratic medieval dictatorship which now harbors and rules all muslims world organization OIC and its Human Rights violating sharia. While also spreading islamic hatred over the world through a variety of channels.

Klevius to dumb (or just evil) alt-left "antifa" people who support the worst of Human Rights violating evil:

True anti-fascism in its purest form is laid down in the Universal Human Rights declaration of 1948. Islam (OIC) has in UN decided to abandon the most basic of these rights (the so called negative Human Rights).

Fascism is, according to Google's top hit, "a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation*, and forcible suppression of opposition." 23 Aug 2017

So let's face islam with this definition.

A political philosophy, movement, or regime (islam) that exalts nation (Umma) and often race (muslims) above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government (Koran text/Mohammad's example) headed by a dictatorial leader (the caliph - e.g. the Saudi based OIC's Saudi leader), severe economic and social regimentation* (sharia), and forcible suppression of opposition (apostasy ban against muslims wanting to leave islam, and demonizing defenders of Human Rights by calling them "islamophobes").

And islamofascism gets away with it by calling itself a religion and thereby being protected by those very Human Rights it opposes.

* According to Cambridge dictionary, "extreme organization and control of people".

Theresa May's sharia = >23,000 jihadi - before Brexit. How many after?

Theresa May's sharia = >23,000 jihadi - before Brexit. How many after?

UK DID NOT vote Brexit. EU residents weren't allowed to vote while non-EU residents were.

The muslim Saudi dictator family is the root of most islam induced suffering

May's secret love affair with Saudi islamofascists - while rejecting Chinese

While Klevius is forcing islam into a Human Rights corner, politicians support islamofascism

Why hasn't Klevius got the Nobel prize for his theory on consciousness/AI?

BBC's fake/angled news protect islamofascist offenders because of its ties (BBC World) to Mideast

BBC lies and fake news

The "Birmingham Koran" hoax - and a sonless "prophet" invented after it!

Lego won't sponsor the defense for Human Rights equality - but islamofascism and sharia is ok

Hillary supports sharia for women, war with Russia and aid to Sunni islamofascists

Apostate (?) Obama's bio- and adoptive dads were both muslims

BBC smears China while bolstering Saudi islamofascists - the worst spreaders of hate and terror

BBC smears China while bolstering Saudi islamofascists - the worst spreaders of hate and terror

Choudary and May both want more sharia - so what about "British values"?

Michael Morell (ex-CIA) is/was a knowing agent for Saudi wahhabism and its Koranic hate jihadism

Trump: Why wouldn't we? Theresa May: I would!

Sharia muslim London mayor voted in by his islamist friends

Sharia muslim London mayor voted in by his islamist friends

Theresa May is for sharia and EU - but against EU's Human Rights Court which condemns sharia

Muslims and Hillary against Human Rights

Muslims and Hillary against Human Rights

OIC and NOI are muslim extremist organizations

Origin of islam and an ignorant white Western nun

Samantha Lewthwaite, Mishal Husain and Michael Adebolajo have sharia islam in common

Samantha Lewthwaite, Mishal Husain and Michael Adebolajo have sharia islam in common

God is an escape route from Human Rights

First sophisticated art by the first truly modern humans

The world's oldest real portrait ever found (Central Europe). Carvings dated to 26-29,000 bp.

Finland's lion trampling the islamic scimitar 1583

We're all born unequal - that's why we need Human Rights, not islam!

Origin of the Vikings

A victim of rapetivism - and an interfaith messenger of rapetivism

A victim of rapetivism - and an interfaith messenger of rapetivism

Japan 10 yrs ahead of Europe in hybrid/fuelcell cars, space tech etc

Native Brits from Doggerland spoke a proto-Finnish/Uralic (Eurasiatic) language

We non-muslims need to honor racist islam's victims - cause muslims won't

We non-muslims need to honor racist islam's victims - cause muslims won't

The islamic extermination of Jews

The last taboo: Sex segregation/sex apartheid

Klevius is probably now the world's foremost expert on sex segregation (sad, isn't it) and islam (the worst hate crime ever) is the foremost expression of sex segregation. By 'islam' Klevius means Sharia as described by Bill Warner and the Saudi based and steered muslim world organization OIC and its Cairo declaration (sharia) imposed on all muslims via UN (meaning basic Human Rights are criminalized).

Burn OIC's islamic anti-Human Rights declaration!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The fascist umma nation of Islam: Sweden, Saudi etc support islamofascists in Lebanon etc while blinking a refreshed 1300 year old genocide in Darfur

Representatives of the wahhabi Islamo-fascist Saudi dictatorship via terrorist-channel Aljazeera: "...the glorious history of Islamic civilization that stands against the labels being hurled at Islam today, such as fascism..." This Aljazeera.com story had a map of Mideast that was lacking two countries: Lebanon and Israel!

Klevius comment: The "glorious history of Islamic civilization" was historically based on mass slavery (restingt on Koranic infidel racism), institutionalized slavery, soldier slavery, and sex slavery (see e.g. how Islam's demand for white slave girls created the Vikings)! The technological and moral (Islam's totalitarian ambitions) impotency of Islam has been there from scratch and is the explanation to why Islamic societies have never created any surplus but rather abused others (see Origin of Islam). This abuse include all those different individuals/ethnicities that have been (often by force/necessity to survive) labelled muslims and who now confuse their true ethnicity with pan-Arabic slave/rape Islam! The "golden age of "Al-Andalucia" was entirely resting on slavery and slave trade! Although the research has hardly begun this seems already evident beyond doubt!

But ultimately pan-Arabic Islam rests on a rigid sex segregation which means that de-sex segregation equals de-islamization!

Is it OK to be a terrorist if you give alms (paid by oil money from Islamofascist dictator regimes) and Koran lectures abt how to hate "infidels"?

Some 1300 years ago Arab islamists begun a genocidal islamization of Africans in Darfur and what is now southern Sudan. Aided by Koran they raped, killed and enslaved non-Arab "infidels" in a racist/sexist manner typical for Islam.

The last phase in this process started in 1987 followed by more intensive attacks against for example the Fur, Massalit and Zagawa tribes, by the islamist Arabs and their organized Janjaweed militia specialized in looting, threatening, raping, killing etc. Just like Islam itself Janjaweed (many of whom were islamized West Africans) was deliberatedly created on the basis of racial/ethnic hatred. Weapons were then distributed by the Sudanese government although it has tried to pretend that it hasn't. SLA is a later consequence of the Janaweed "policy".

Islamofascism: Al-Qaeda in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon & Hamas in Palestine!

These islamofascist terrorist networks have all in common the deliberate killing /injuring of civilians, hatred against Jews and "infidels", as well as the clearly stated aim that Israel should be wiped off the map as the Iranian leadership use to put it! Furthermore, they are all embraced (more or less openly) by islamofasct Swedish leadership and media people.

More than half of the Brits feel threatened by MODERATE MUSLIMS! (presumably some 100 % then felt threatened by radical Muslims)

Do you feel that Islam—as distinct from fundamentalist Islamic groups—poses a threat to Western liberal democracy?

Yes, Islam does pose a major, some threat
2006 53%
2005 46%
No, Islam poses only a small, no threat
2006 34%
2005 47%
Don’t know
2006 12%
2005 7%
Source: YouGov / Daily TelegraphMethodology: Online interviews with 1,757 British adults, conducted from Aug. 22 to Aug. 24, 2006. No margin of error was provided.

Update Sept 2, 2006: 14 new muslim terror suspects arrested in London. Why?

Klevius comment: Why arrest them if they just fight in defence of the umma nation of Islam, and, like other Islamic/muslim terrorists such as e.g. Hamas, Hezbollah, bin Laden etc. have the support from the umma nation of Islam and its supporters worldwide?! A democratic poll among muslims in the British umma would most certainly result in support for their aims and methods, wouldn't it! - remember Hamas etc?! Or have the "muslim" friends of western pro-islamists blurred the concept of Islam to such an extent that they have become blind?!


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Black racism & Islamofascism are defended while children are murdered, assaulted, offended & abused

Your deep ignorance abt Arabic Islam (or deliberate blinking) may hinder you from realizing that Koranic Islam is nothing but a racist slave-religion (Ahmed Baba: "The reason for enslavement is disbelief" in The Legal Position of Sudanese Taken as Slaves). To be an "infidel" is the moral excuse that the whole of Islam rests on (see Origin of Islam)! Did Arabic Islam destroy the future of the entire African continent? And did Africans "learn" to sell other Africans as slaves precisely because of Arab slave traders who more than thousand years ago made "Islamic business" with chieftains? Furthermore rapetivism (i.e. institutionalized rape and sex segregation for the sake of reproducing muslims) is the "follow up" institution that keeps Islam floating.

So, are the worst racists now (some) blacks precisely because of a long and detrimental Arabic Islamic influence? - examples from the tip of an enormous iceberg

"Legal black racism" on the rise behind "diversity" programs etc boosts ordinary racism and segregation!

No, of course it can't be the genes so it has to be learned behaviour - just like all racism/sexism! So why am I pointing at blacks? Precisely because SOME of them are now most vulnerable for this evil disease just because of their historical background and the way this is turning into pure fascism today. Pan-Arabic Islam, for example, first enslaved blacks (and whites and Asians), then declared the blacks racially inferior to Arabs, and finally, now abuses them for its own sake in an "infidel" racism directed, not to the Islamist Arabs it belongs to, but to those innocent children of those whites who helped them out of enslavement (it was Islam that enslaved the entire Africa long before any whites were around there we don't even know for sure if trans-atlantic slave trading would ever have occured without pre-existing Arabic/African slave trading! See Origin of Islam) and offered them freedom, possibilities and a tech society that Islamic slavery/rapetivism "religion" is incapable of creating without slaves or oil.

Of course you know abt the creepy "Afro-American" Farrakhan, Nation of Islam, Black Panthers etc. And of course you know that their black "jail/street"-Islam (which differs quite a lot from anything you might have thought of abt Islam - just because of your ignorance on Islam) is the ultimate form of violent, racist/sexist Islam as it used to be in the beginning (see Origin of Islam).

Auburn University in Alabama (!) fires 14 whites and one black!

Jim Jackson (SuppressedNews): "The school has been in a reorganization mode for a couple of years. It started with the removal of President William Walker. Since Dr. Ed Richardson took over as president, 15 individuals have been fired, 11 white males, three white females and one black female. In the recent reorganization of the athletic department, the jobs of three people were declared surplus -- two were black and one was white. In addition, two blacks were promoted to senior positions.It would appear that blacks are well positioned at AuburnHowever, because two black people were involved in the recent reorganization of the athletic department, the Alabama Legislative Black Caucus has attacked Auburn’s president, Dr. Ed Richardson, claiming insufficient diversity -- simply another name for race."

Experienced, white, non-racist, female busdriver victim of legal race bullying

Delores Davis is forced to quit her job in Coushatta LA in favor of a black male because of blacks abusing the legal system and making "racism" out of something that had nothing to do with racism.

Racial "Survivor" inevitably means that "whites" loose and "blacks" win!

Why? Because whites will be made a minority without rights (as in normal lfe already), due to their legitimate status as the only possible "racists", will be excluded by the three other groups. Next comes the "mongoloids" (called "Asians" in US whereas in Europe "Asians" are mideasterners) who will be excluded by blacks taking help from eager Latinos trapped in mideast "religion". OK, then comes the tricky bit but I think the blacks' close ties to islamofascism, as well as their "victim" status may play an indirect role eventually.

How many innocent kids have been murdered, beaten, raped because of hate speech, "tolerance" and a media that won't ask or even tell?

We don't know cause we are kept out of the truth! By whom? By those very people who are supposed to inform us. They used to call them journalists when they were still around. If race is so important, why don't we get it in the news other than when the perpetrator is white? There is an unproportional and mounting pile of white victims where the perpetrator(s) is black and the deed should have been titled hate crime.

The most typical racist murder, assault, rape etc may well be performed by weird outcasts who are triggered by this disgusting racist hate speech against "whites" (or some other "race") so that when they encounter e.g. a white kid/youth etc they think fit the pattern they let all of their own as well as others' evilness out on these innocent victims.

Black social heritage - a selfbreeding culture of failure and sexism in the grip of fascist Islamism?

Juan Williams: "Their (the blacks) search for identity and a sense of direction is undermined by a twisted popular culture that focuses on the "bling-bling" of fast money associated with famous basketball players, rap artists, drug dealers and the idea that women are at their best when flaunting their sexuality and having babies. - Not one mainstream civil rights group picked up on his (Cosby's) call for marches and protests against bad parenting, drug dealers, hate-filled rap music and failing schools. - Where are the marches demanding good schools for those children -- and the strong cultural reinforcement for high academic achievement (instead of the charge that minority students who get good grades are "acting white")? Where are the exhortations for children to reject the self-defeating stereotypes that reduce black people to violent, oversexed "gangstas," minstrel show comedians and mindless athletes?"

Katrina and the race hypocrisy

Adolph L. Reed Jr: "the travesty in New Orleans reminds us that capitalism enshrines the prerogatives of property owners--and the bigger the holdings, the more substantial the voice.
This underscores why a simplistically racial interpretation of the injustices perpetrated in New Orleans is inadequate, even when those injustices cluster heavily along racial lines. Substantial numbers of blacks as well as whites are in a position to benefit materially from this regime; blacks as well as whites support the de facto creation of a property owners' republic. It is possible simultaneously to include black people as stakeholders in the equation for rebuilding the city and to exclude poor people. This is the truth beneath the 200 sociologists' assurance that their proposal for dispersing the poor would not "depopulate the city of its historically black communities." But this is a sleight of hand that seeks to sanitize class cleansing with a patter of racial respect. - I know how easily the language of racial equity functions to obscure (typically without self-conscious guile; that's the beauty of ideology) the reality of a political agenda that concentrates costs and benefits asymmetrically within the black population. A politics built on denouncing racism simply cannot help us understand these dynamics at all.

Is black racial self-segregation a historical consequence of outdated sex roles due to 1400 years of Arabic-Islamic slavery?

Klevius comment: Hip hop culture is especially connected to black patriarchal chauvinism. Of course outdated sex segregation is common also among other groups in the US, but hardly so pronounced, though, as in the Afro-American society (I refuse to group modern, de-segregated and de-sex segregated black Americans into that strange racist/sexist group - who came up with that stupid name anyway?!). For a better understanding of the special connections between blacks and sex segregation you have to understand Islam's detrimental role through 1400 years in Africa!

African heritage: Africans kidnapping & selling Africans to Arabs and Europeans
(compare How Islam's demand for white slave girls created the Vikings)

Whereas most of some 12 million Africans traded by other Africans to Europeans before the US was even thought abt (btw, less than 1,5 % of Americans owned slaves - in 1860 19 million out of 27 million white Americans lived in states where there were no slaves at all!) some 17-30 millions (probably even more - also note the unknown numbers of forcfully abducted slaves, not the least in Northern Africa) were traded to Arabs. According to Nathan Huggins (black) black African identity is but an invention by whites (sic).

Islamic monoculturalism is creating similar segregation in Europe

Historically no real Islamic society has ever been able to produce a surplus without sponging on others or depending on oil. This has to do with the very essence of Islam as a blueprint for getting ones substance through enslaving and/or robbing "infidels".

But do we really want a race and sex segregated world? This racist/sexist attitude by all muslims (as long as they believe in Koran) and SOME blacks seems inevitably to force many others to simply stop dealing with entire groups. Is that really what you want?

A yet another aspect in many countries is that child and youth criminality when it comes to assaults, robbery, rapes etc crimes against a person may well be in majority. Ironically these crimes against the physical safety of individuals (most often other children/youth) are not accessible for law enforcement simply because there is no law to use!

Beneath it all there seems to be a general detachment, especially between parents and children (note that some 70% of black kids are born by single young mothers) as described in Angels of Antichrist - kinship vs social state. Every single crime or hint of criminal behavior should be echoed to the parents and followed up. As it is today many a child (and others) suffer unnecessarily because of our careless attitudes towards children. Gangs, racism, sexism etc delinquent phenomenons are lousy fosterers!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Islam behind infibulation and footbinding

Ilana Mercer: "Make no mistake, there are many things native Swedes will do for the eternally “disaffected” Muslims among them. They’ll build them mosques and imposing minarets all over Malmo. They’ll institute savage laws that outlaw forms of expression offensive to them. They’ll authorize state grants to hate-promoting Islamic organizations. In Italy, they’ve even contemplated allowing limited female infibulation, under surgical conditions, naturally. And Canadians have considered spicing up family law with Sharia."

Klevius comment: I hate to say it again but I'm pretty alone on the net to address sex segregation as the main tool for a sociological understanding of Islam (Who's crazy, Klevius or Islam? Make yor INFORMED pick!). In other words, if we weren't so contaminated with "religion" (see the REAL definition of religion) and sex segregation ourselves this totalitarian and super sexist "religion" of racist "infidel" contempt would hardly be around anymore1

Islamic origin of footbinding and infibulation


Monday, August 21, 2006

Fired investigator heroine again slams Swedish government - now from UN and because of the oil-for-food scandal

see February 24, 2005 posting:
"The way two completely different Swedish women are treated by the Swedish state also exemplifies how Freud, feminism and the social state are intertwined as described in Angels of Antichrist - social state vs. kinship.!The first woman, Inga-Britt Ahlenius, served as a critical and effective and well-renowned auditor general of Sweden until she was forced out in the cold by the Swedish socialdemocratic government who didn't like her scrutiny of the scandalous waste of tax money..." read more

Klevius comment: Ms. Ahlenius has now rightly been chosen as a person capable of cleaning up the UN's oil-for-food scandal. Also read April 21, 2005 posting abt how badly she was treated by Swedish state radio when they learned she got the job!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bernard Henri-Lévy hates Pakis while defending Arabic islamofascists

Bernard-Henri Lévy (a wealthy and narcisstic philosopher without a single though of his own according to his critics - also compare Klevius EMAH) today continues Swedish Expressen's series of defence for pan-Arabic islamofascism (see last week's article on posting below). Because the terror suspects were evil Pakis we should help Saudi dictators/wahhabis according to Bernard! Although he uses the word "moderate" Arabic islamists that doesn't mean anything in Saudi Arabia etc places, does it?!

James Arlandson answering Saudi scholar Soliman al-Buthe (in American Thinker):

"I do not understand why Muslims, even scholars in Saudi Arabia, will not let go of a land that is not theirs to begin with and that belonged to the Jews long before Islam began a thousand miles to the south.
Should Israel return to its pre-1967 borders, which would deny them a united Jerusalem? In reply, should Saudi Arabia allow Jews and Christians to return to their historic home in the Peninsula, before the Hijrah in AD 622 (Muhammad’s flight from Mecca to Medina)? Before Islam came, Jews thrived in Medina and elsewhere, and the Christians thrived in the south and north in the Peninsula, in present-day Saudi Arabia. Now they are nowhere to be found because the few Christians who are left or who have moved to the land of the Two Holy Mosques are hiding in their homes. If Saudi Arabia is unwilling to permit this “right of return” to Christians and Jews, then on what basis does it demand that Israel give the Palestinians the pre-1967 borders? In that case why cannot Jews and Christians demand that Saudi Arabia give back their land that it conquered on the Peninsula, by AD 644, the end of Umar’s Caliphate? Are Jews and Christians so unclean that they are not permitted to enter the city limits of Mecca (I omit a discussion of the precinct of the Kabah shrine itself)? This seems like prejudice of the worst kind. What if the Israeli government forced all gentiles from Jerusalem or their entire Holy Land, as Muhammad and Umar did to Jews and Christians in Arabia, and Saudis still do today, particularly in Mecca? Saudi Arabia is much larger than little Israel. However, since Israel is compatible with modernity, it does not make these demands. Further, I do not understand why Jordan (the historic home of the Palestinians) does not relinquish a part of its huge country to them, so they can build their own nation. However, I prefer to live in the real world, so I will not wait for Jordan’s offer. Regardless of the specific geography and the fight over small territories (Israel is no bigger than New Jersey, one of the smallest states in the US), why do not the Palestinians build their own country as prosperously and successfully as Israel"


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Survey(s) conclusion: British muslims are racist abusers and destroyers of democracy and negative human rights

Muslims do form a single homogenous community precisely because of islam! Islam is the glue that hinders real pluralism among muslims and hence breeds evilness! So although every muslim can arbitrarily "degrade" his neighbour muslim to a non-muslim, islam abuses them both for its own fascist path. Islamic Koranism is per its own definition sealed ignorance no matter you are a professor or you can't even write.

NOP Research's latest survey is the most comprehensive (and scary) abt Muslims in Britain (and well in line with previous surveys):

45% say 9/11 was a conspiracy by US and Israeli governments - only some 20% thought not!

30% of British Muslims would prefer islamic Sharia law instead of British law!

28% of British muslims would prefer Britain as a fundamentalist Islamic state.
(this may be compared with last year's Daily Telegraph survey which revealed a deeply rooted and widespred racist contempt against Westerners/"infidels").

68% support the arrest and prosecution of those who "insult Islam."

9% of British muslims are"hardcore Islamists"

29% are "staunch defenders of Islam" who aggressively defend islam from internal and external threats, real or imagined.

Finally, only three percent (3%) of British muslims took a pro-freedom of speech line! To make sense of this start from KLEVUX, the only informed web source that includes sex segregation in the analysis!

This also reveals Klevius main message in Angels of Antichrist - kinship vs social state and Childless childpsychiatris in search of motherhood/femininity, namely sexist, racist and confused detached young people vulnerable and equally wide open to islamic exploitation as the Valkyrie in the "golden age of islam".

Klevius comment: According to KLEVUX islam is not only an insult and desecration of non-muslim values but also a real threat to freedom - especially because of sex segregation. The islamic cultural production of islamic anti-democrats in a sex segregated system of institutionalized rapetivism emphasising and striving for democratic power through over-reproduction, oil money, and sponging on non-muslims, can only end in a destruction of democracy unless Klevius definition of negative human rights isn't fully elaborated, supported, implemented and globally enforced in every democracy that wants to survive!

also see: Klevius definition of religion


Update: Saudi Council of Ministers: “Terrorists have no religion. What Islam is accused of today is a Western cultural product like fascism.” Klevius comment: Does this statement mean that bin Laden & Co, Hezbollah etc jihadists aren't related to islam but are only representatives of European fascism? So why then do British muslims support them and their acts? Is it because British muslims aren't real muslims after all but rather Euro-fascists without religion?!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Do you have a wahhabi mosque in the cellar while islamofascist inspired teen rapists drive recklessly on the foot-paths?

Islam/Koran induced "infidel" contempt against non-muslims is taught by older family members, imams etc. and becomes utterly vivible among the young. This is a form of psychological child abuse combined with pure racism/sexism!

Does fascism originate from islam in Bosnia/Sicily etc? - today sponsored by evil Saudi Wahhabi islamofascism!

The ultimate racist fascism utilizes human rights it denies other

Islamofascism is authoritarian (sharia) and militaristic (jihad) and has only one supreme leader (Koran).

John Stevens, former commissioner of the Metropolitan Police: "When will the Muslim community in this country accept an absolute, undeniable, total truth: that Islamic terrorism is their problem?" and "stop the denial, endless fudging and constant wailing that somehow it is everyone else's problem and, if Islamic terrorism exists at all, they are somehow the main victims".

Was the origin of fascism already rooted in islam?

From A Doctrine of Fascism (original version): "The fascist (islamic) conception of the state is all-embracing; outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have value. Thus understood, fascism (islam) is totalitarian, and the fascist state (umma) interprets, develops, and potentiates the whole life of people"

Klevius comment: Keeping in mind the horrendous Viking-islam connection it's certainly no coincidence that the center of Islamofascism now is to be found in Sweden. Likewise it shouldn't surprise historians that fascism and mafia developed on the same Mediterranean iseland.

also read abt 19th century Sicilian women and their sex segregated connection to fascism and the modern "welfare state" in the most important sociological paper written in the 20th century Angels of Antichrist - kinship vs. social state!

Although islam/Koranism is originally and ultimately a blueprint for slavery/rapetivism (see Origin of islam) conveniantly covered up as given by a god who happened to have close ties to certain Arabs, this doesn't exclude that islam/islamism is also part of modernism of which fascism is an integrated part.

The birth of fascism is intimately connected to islam in Balkan, and especially the transformation period between Ottoman islam and Wahhabi islam. Out of the leftist/socialist Italian fascis emerged a cooperation that flourished under Mussolini. Also read abt the Bosnian muslims slaughtering non-muslims in the early and mid 20th century (allegedly so brutally that it freightened even nazis!).

Carl K. Savich (The Holocaust in Bosnia-Hercegovina, 1941-1945): "With the assistance of Haj Amin el Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, and Reichsfuehrer SS Heinrich Himmler, the Bosnian Muslim leadership undertook the systematic extermination of the Jewish and non-Muslim, non-Croat population of Bosnia-Hercegovina. Two Waffen SS Divisions and other Nazi and fascist formationsÝ were formed to advance the goals of the Third Reich and of Islam."

Klevius comment: This is why Bosnian muslims' contacts with evil Saudi islam should cause some bells to ring!

Mussolini - "the protector of islam"!

Muslim fascism can easily be traced to the Nazi SS Handzar Division organization, but what abt its connection to Italy/Sicily? Mussolini used to call himself "Protector of Islam"! Also consider Mussolini's close ties with Libya, Somalia etc.

Sigmund Freud: Mussolini (main Italian fascist and dictator) is "the hero of culture"!

Klevius comment: As Freud was a populist (like islamist leaders of today) this is quite logical (especially when considering Freud's self-centered, and sex biased low standard of thinking and the fact that many today seem to think the same abt sexist islamofascist terrorist leaders***!) and entirely in line with Klevius analysis of Freud (see e.g. Klevius psycho-social timeline on Freud - it may contain some surprises for you).

*** Just like Freud they were nothing before big powers offered the means as well as promotional backup (brainwashing via media etc). It was only after Freud had become a friend of professor Krafft-Ebing (whose ideas Freud had admired/exploited - the few ideas Freud himself came up with were even worse than those he copied) that he gained career momentum.

A "remote abstraction called Islam" abuses muslims and unifies evilness

The social manufacturing of domination, i.e. by using almost abstract "muslims" for the purpose of islamic nominals such as terror, politics, greed, personal boosting, etc. - pitting sensibel "muslims" to protect islamic atrocities - is ultimately an exercise in pure fascism.

So although islam is a murderous nightmare for many, a lucrative pastime for some, a headache for others, and yet at the end an entirely negligible footnote to history, there is also an internal logic built in - islam isn't just "a misused religion" but, in fact, from its origin the very core of this misuse!

An islamic veil is a racist/sexist insult!

Today when one sees Arab Wahhabis (with their burka confined sex segregated females) visiting Bosnian mosques etc. one can hardly avoid giving it a second thought! The birth/resurrection of modern islamofascism have followed the collapse of Ottoman and Sovjet empires respectively. When bin Laden (via terrorist channel Al-Jazeera) declared to the world's muslims: “Rise in support of your religion. Islam is calling you”, a huge number of
According to Salman Rushdie “paranoid Islam” is the fastest-growing religion and stands “not only for the fear (sic) but also for a cluster of customs, opinions and prejudices". Here one may add the horrendous islamic "infidel" contempt/racism and sexism that children are brainwashed by in their families, mosques etc., the result of which can be read abt in the news as rapes, street violence, islamic bullying at schools etc.

“All the perpetrators [of the September 11 attacks] believed themselves to be pious Muslims fighting in a holy war and headed directly to Paradise; they were given support in this belief by some Muslim clerics; a significant section of Islamic opinion has applauded what they did …” (National Review, Nov. 5).


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Islamofascist** totalitarianism is the Koranic root of islam say bin Laden, the Pope etc

also see Amil Imani (book review): Useful Idiots Are Islam's Best Soldiers!

bin Laden supporting US Muslim Organization (CAIR) upset by Bush's statement abt "Islamic Fascists"! Why?

CAIR (the Council on American Islamic Relations) may well constitute the most serious threat to American security. It's related to Hamas' islamic militancy

CAIR's founder and executive director, Nihad Awad has been connected to e.g. Muslim World Monitor and Al-Zaitonah which frequently have praised terrorist actions. He balances on the hypocritical rhetoric quagmire of "I don't support terror acts"! Also consider that violence is Farrakhan's/Nation of Islam's trade mark. Furthermore Awad allegedly also changed his name from Nehad A. Hammad in CAIR's 1994 IRS form 990.
Other suspicious CAIR staff included director of Communications Ibrahim Hooper, former IAP worker and Rafeeq Jaber, IAP president. When it was founded CAIR received $5,000 from HLF.

Ibrahim Hooper has, like millions of muslims, refused to condemn Osama bin Laden, only the attacks on the WTC. After the bombings of US embassies in Africa, Hooper described the bombings as a result of "misunderstanding of both sides". He also calls islamic Sudan's genocide (two million blacks murdered + slavery, rape and torture of millions more) an "inter-tribal hostage-taking."

CAIR board member Imam Siraj Wahaj (a "respected" US Muslim leader) calls, according to Daniel Pipes, "for replacing the US government with a caliphate". He was also a character witness for Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman, the Muslim cleric convicted for the first WTC bombing in 1993 as well as the planning to blow up US buildings and bridges. CAIR has also demanded the removal of anti-bin Laden billboards in LA. In short, where's the line between Islam and bin Laden?

Klevius comment: If fascism is defined as separation/persecution and/or denial of equality to a specific segment of the population (non-muslim "infidels") based upon a system of belief, then Islamofascism certainly belongs to islam because of Koran. So slam islam!

Swedish crypto islamofascism invading the parliament?

In today's Expressen (main Swedish newspaper) islamist Muharrem Demirok (candidate for parliamentary election this fall) proposes a privilieged state within the state constituting of, in practise, those kind of Islamist areas that sdp's women leader and islamist* Nalin Pekgul fled!
These islamic areas should be taxfree and be granted cheap venture capital payed by the Swedish taxpayers. Furthermore Mr Muharrem Demirok seems lacking knowledge of Islam's history as he refers to the medieval Cordoba as something positive, i.e. the time period when islamists, Christians and Jews traded and abused slaves and their labor in a scale never seen before in Europe - simply because the islamic slave system was not only new to the world but also the most effective (see Origin of islam).

* islamist = someone who believes in islam/Koran in the same way as a communist believes in communism/Das Kapital

** the Pope hasn't (as far as I know) uttered the word islamofascism but because he said that "islam's stuck with Koran" meaning it's not open for reformation, and because of the fascism-definition given above, the title is reasonably logical

Friday, August 11, 2006

Sweden's state "expert" islamist Mahmoud Kamali today proposes less checks of islamists by the police!

Is Sweden becoming the world center of islamic terrorism?

"Political immigration" from islamist countries has been extremely intense lately in Sweden hence boosting the Swedish islamic terror net work, especially because of Sweden's cowardice, hypocritical and extremely dangerous naivity, as well as the ruthless pragmatism of the Swedish government which in retrospective probably will be judged as equally extreme as in the nazi period.

Pro islamist Masoud Kamali, long since appointed government's expert in "issues regarding immigration and discrimination (btw the same guy who has proposed that muslims should be excluded from the Swedish child protection system) now proposes less possibilities for the police to make checks of suspects. He also proposes "in the best interest of the authorities" to include as many islamists as possible in their work force.

Swedish islamofascist state radio's main concern today is abt possible inconvenience for muslims because of muslim terorists an islam!

Klevius comment: Why aren't all muslims demanded to clearly and unambigiously distance themselves from bin Laden's and Hezbollah leader's etc Islam?! Islamic infestation can only be cured by eliminating its stealthy evil link to the main population of muslims.

Apart from its racist "infidel" teaching from "god's book Koran" islam seems to have two main features attracting people: shedding blood and the sex segregated confinement of girls.

also see the possible connection between cases like 13 year old Linda (sexually abused to death in an ordinary Swedish school without anyone interfering) and Swedish islamofascism.

also note that Abbasid muslims during the "golden age" valued young white slave girls more than 50 eunck slaves (who were the next most valued of human "goods" deliverd to the islamic caliphate). see The Viking and the Valkyrie - trafficking young girls from their slain families to islamic harems!


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Joe Lieberman's eternal "religious" mistake

Background on why islam is the outlet of medieval backwardness/sexism

Excerpt from Angels of Antichrist/Sex Segregation and the (lack of) Influence of Fathers:

The God of Moses was the god (father, ancestor) of a national group based on kinship. For the Hellenistic Jews in Diaspora, God represented a continuing tradition still emphasizing family and kinship values. Emerging universal Christianity, with its emphasis on a personal God was a step outside biology. The development of modern protestant Christianity has been in a direction of even less emphasis on biology (Klevius 1996).

Opening Pandora's box

Joe Lieberman's "monolitheist religious" embracing of islam resembles that of how the world now has opened up for true sexist fascism and due racism/progromes. However, because islam's revitilization (apart from oil money) rests on sex segregation (and a general detachment due to technological/economic development/social state - even more pronounced among strict "religious" strata than among secularists) and because de-sex segregation was a central feature of early kibbutism, these aspects have to be included in any possible analysis. So far they are not - outside Klevius writings of course. And when confronting whether Klevius or the world is in sane, many think quantity in front of quality (those of my readers who like me should try to forgive me for this).

One may argue, from a non-religious/secular (but see Klevius definition of religion and the Vagina gate) point of view that the 1948 Zionist emphasise on religion was a huge mistake. However, the creation of Israel really strikes the core problem of real religion, i.e. family/kinship vs state vs globalization.

But no matter how we angle it the creation of Israel was the real chance for the entire mideast had it not been for the revitilization of medieval* islam.

* no matter how poor, rich, "cool", oppressed, on "top", enslaved etc you think you are, islam's backwardness is stipulated in its very essence, an unchangable Koran dictated by a "god" that is out of reach, and the interpretations, in practise, given to anyone, i.e. in the end on one hand a harmless and castrated private, individualist religion, and on the other hand an extremely dangerous, violent political fascist movement with totalitarian and violent aims for personal greed/problems and a continuing of artificial, cultural sex segregation.

Journalists and politicians as co-murderers and/or islam-fascist sympathizers

The world's journalists/politicians/ and a general racism/sexism/ignorance abt islamists then caused the burst(s) of islamic evilness we have now faced around the globe (no, I'm not forgetting the eternal islamic violence/rapetivism that has continued for 1400 years on many spots of the earth).

Islam as a totalitarian/fascist movement compared to communism and nazism

If your religion is communism then you are a communist, aren’t you!
If your religion is national socialism then you are a nazist, aren’t you!
If your religion is islam then you are an islamist, aren’t you!

Since the 19th century there have been (in vain) attempts to wash the dirt of islam. The result: condemnation as anit-islam and/or barrening due to lack of the real (i.e. evil) attractions of islam, i.e. “infidel” contempt/racism

Islam as the opposite to Klevius definition of the negative human rights

1. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This right shall include freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his [her] choice, and freedom either individually or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his [her] religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching.

Klevius comment: Freedom means that you as a child aren’t forced into a system of belief that may punish you if you decide to leave it, adopt another system of belief etc. Islam's sensitivity to criticism is rooted in it's inborn aim of inclusion/exclusion that covers its inherent social and technological impotency (see e.g. Shinto, the world's oldest religion meets islam the world's youngest "religion"). Although islam proclaims itself totalitarian it hasn't the means for ever becoming it even in theory.

2. No one shall be subject to coercion which would impair his [her] freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his [her] choice.

Klevius comment: Hardly needs a comment when it comes to islam, does it!

3. Freedom to manifest one’s religion or belief may be subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law and are necessary to protect public safety, order, health, morals or the fundamental rights and freedoms of others.4. The States Parties to the present Covenant undertake to have respect for the liberty of parents and, when applicable, legal guardians, to ensure the religious and moral education of their children in conformity with their own convictions.

Klevius comment: What abt the apparent unbalance between "religious" and non-religious individuals?! You don't build mosques etc to celebrate lack of religion, do you!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

There's no other than radical islam (and its open/stealthy sympathizers) - so slam islam!

Historical background: see Origin of Islam - an ideology made for the sole purpose of institutionalizing slavery and rapetivism! (This is, for example, why islam needs "infidels" and infidel contempt/racism, cruel and sexist sharia laws and why it so eagerly forbids apostasy. This is also why it's inhumane (only "real" muslims count as real humans), totalitarian (the only ideology allowed) and impossible to change (Koran is god's words). All of this makes it ideal for confused and detached individuals as well as politicians/terrorists. Also see how islamic expansion created the early Vikings as raiders/traders of slave girls to the caliphates.

We have again six million Jews cramped in a ghetto (albeit a prosperous one) waiting for the inevitable, more powerful/longranging islamic rockets (loaded with what?) that will sooner or later cover the entire Israel! Islam has never been able to build anything by itself but you know, with oil money you can buy it!

We have again a propaganda war against the jews!

We have again a powerful fascist movement that sponges on sex segregation (see e.g. Angels of Antichrist) and the freedom it itself condemns!

We have one million muslim Arabs taking over parts of Israel from inside!

Stefan Sharkansky: "Siddiqui (Klevius comment: i.e. friend of Nation of Islam assaulter/agitator/racist Farrakhan) seems to have difficulty acknowledging that the Muslim world suffers from violent anti-Semitic and anti-western pathologies , whether it manifests itself as airplanes flying into office buildings in New York, as a spontaneous shooting in Seattle or in the form of 3,000 rockets fired by Hizbullah on innocent Israeli civilians."

Pragmatic Arabs within Israel prefer their much freer minority position than in neighboring Arab countries where Islamic parties cannot even run for elections as such.

New British survey reveals the true face of "peaceful and tolerant" Islam and the ignorance (or deliberate falsification of history) of its followers!

Some 200.000 muslims in Britain thinks it's totally OK to use violence to promote islam!

Half said British people who insult islam should be arrested and prosecuted in court!

Some third said they prefer Sharia law instead of British law, and some half believe the 9/11 attacks were a conspiracy by Israel and the US!

Fewer than half of British muslims think ‘That is my country’ when seeing Britain's flag!

Klevius comment: Hello!

see KLEVUX against racism/sexism - the only formula on the net targeting sex segregation as the underlying main cause (except oil money and detachment) to the expansion of Islamic propaganda/misled youth.
What is sex segregation?
Human rights from Klevius without love - definition of feminism
Klevius definition of religion
Klevius definition of the holy negative human rights


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bush: "Get rid of Saddam!", Ahmadinejad: "Get rid of Israel!!", Klevius: "Get rid of islam - the glue of today's fascism/racism/sexism!"

Islamic hypocrisy

"Iran does not give orders to the Shiite Hezbollah militia in Lebanon" said Iran's ambassador to France today.

Klevius comment: Well, hello! The entire world heard that order repeatedly from the mouth of Iran's so called preident: "Destroy Israel!" Furthermore Hezbollah isn't only ordered by Iran but also gets almost all of its weaponry from Iran via Syria.

According to senior military intelligence officer Yossi Kuperwasser "hey have some of the most advanced anti-tank missiles in the world as well as Russian-made Metis-M anti-tank missiles and European-made Milan missiles. This is not a militia, it's an infantry brigade with all the support units".

Populist islam and its evil chaos - Saudi top cleric and bin Laden supporter declares Hezbollah "the party of the devil"!

Wahhabist Sheik Safar al-Hawali issued a religious fatwa Saturday disavowing the shiite guerrilla group Hezbollah (the party of God) as actually "the party of the devil" This is in line with another edict by top Saudi cleric, Sheik Abdullah bin Jibreen.

But among islamist arabs, other leaders asks ignorant muslims to support the Hezbollah
just because of hatred against jews and Israel.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hello world! Are you insane - again?

How come that the world seems supporting the fascist, sexist Islamist dictator really responsible for the blodshed in Mideast?!

And how come that so many are still blinking the obvious, namely that it's ISLAM that is the propaganda that functions as a fascist glue (for evil dictators clerics etc) that incites terrorism against civilians, suicide-bombers, Darfur genocide, Islamic street violence etc. etc. - not to mention Sharia stonings, rapetivism, rigid sex segregation/stereotyping, "infidel" racism/contempt etc medieval relicts?!

Iran's super Islamist Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei (i.e. the man behind the "winning" parliamentary elections in 2004 - after 44% of the candidates had been banned, and pal of "erase Israel" Ahmadinejad, has eliminated the free press, tortured journalists and ordered the execution of homosexuals etc.) has now given a speech which reminds me of Hitler and Goebbels. Let's listen/comment the weird chap, Btw, his rhetoric is essentially not distinguishable from what is offered on the Islamofascist Swedish state news:

Hezbollah background: Hezbollah, founded in 1982 by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Iranian intelligence to fight the U.S. and Israel, killed its rivals and murdering hundreds of U.S. and French peacekeepers in 1983, as well as domestic opponents as e.g. Amal. It established its civil Islamist rule through banks, gas and radio stations, satellite TV channel al-Manar, schools, hospitals, welfare offices, businesses, and tax agencies in Lebanon. It's, however, essentially a terrorist organization in the deepest meaning of the word, and ultimately a perfect example of real "state terrorism". But not only that, because Islam makes it an inter-state terror organization (part of Iran's, Syria's and Lebanon's armies) out of reach for ordinary contemplations abt international law!

Khameini (wcbuh - war crime be upon him): "Why and for what reason the lives of those innocent children, those fragile and exhausted bodies, and the small and frightened hearts ended in such a cruel manner?

Klevius comment: Well, you know best cause you started it and your army deliberately hid in that place from where they deliberately targeted those "fragile and exhausted bodies, and small and frightened (albeit not Muslim) hearts! And let me quote StrategyPage:

"...the Arab world cried "war crime." However, when Arabs were asked how they would respond to a similar hit on Israeli civilians, they believed that would be a "great victory." - For many Arabs, and their Western supporters, objectivity has been tossed aside, and reality twisted to conform to more popular views. Israel was attacked by a terrorist group, whose ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel and establishment of a worldwide religious dictatorship."

Khameini: "How long should the Islamic world tolerate existence of the scheming and evil 'Zionist' regime?

Klevius comment: Let me guess - until you have the means to destroy Israel as you and your "president" wish!

Khameini: "Today it has become clear to all that attack on Lebanon was premediated and part of a joint American-'Zionist' stratagem and is a major step toward domination over the Middle East and the Islamic World.

Klevius comment: Almost correct - just change "American-'Zionist'" to Islam!

Khameini: "Bush and his American cohorts share the same degree of guilt in the disasters brought upon Lebanon as the evil and wicked 'Zionist' regime. And the silence of the United Nations and many of the western governments and above all the support by some governments, such as the notorious British government, make them accountable and partners in crime in varying degrees in contemporary and future judgment of humanity and in the day of reckoning and divine judgment day.

Klevius comment: Do I hear some incitement for terror acts by those confused and uncertain sexist youngsters he uses to abuse under Islam's death/rape ideology? Furthermore, as, according to Islam, no one has a clue abt god's thinking, and as Mohammed, who last talked with her/him/it, died some 1400 years ago, the boss on the"judgment day" is apparently Mr. Khameini himself or someone of his pals if occures later!

Khameini: They must understand that as they expand the circle of insecurity in the region, the nations will become angrier at them and the world will be less safe for them.
The aggressive behavior of American and Israel will revitalize more than ever the spirit of resistance in the Islamic world and will make clearer the value of Jihad.
The Islamic world and the Muslim youth in all Islamic nations should also realize that the only way to stand against the savage Wolf of Zionism and the aggressions of the Great Satan is by dedicated resistance. "Surrender and capitulation before the reckless and scheming American government will only add to their greed and blatant defiance and make things harder for the nations.

"If Lebanon had caved in and surrendered to the aggressions of the 'Zionists', and if the combatant youth of Hizbullah and the innocent people of southern Lebanon had chosen not to put their lives on the line in this sacred defense, long-lasting humiliation and suffering would have threatened the entire nation of Lebanon and rest of the region would have been embroiled as part of the aftermath of these aggressive attacks.
"Today Hizbullah is on the frontline of the sacred defense of the Muslim ummah and all nations of the region.

"To the 'Zionist' enemy, religion, faith, mosque, church, Shiite and Sunnis make no difference. It is a racist, aggressor and brutal regime. If it sees anything on its way, it will spare no crime and show no mercy toward any group or nations. The nations of the region, all Islamic sects and followers of different faiths in Lebanon and in all Islamic countries must join hands and not allow their division to be a source of strength for the enemy.

"The Islamic Iran regards it its duty to stand against bullying and aggressions of America and the evil designs of the 'Zionist' regime. We will stand by all oppressed nations, especially the beloved people of Lebanon and the combatant nation of Palestine.

Klevius comment: Beware "the oppressed nations" from Islam! Have you ever seen an Islamic country prospering without slavery, oil or violence? Islam destroyed the entire Africa by its institutionalized slavery for some 1400 years. Read and consider Origin of Islam instead of Koran! There's a lot yet to discover. However, prepare to face some dirt when you dig in historical Islam.

Khameini quoting from Koran: "So patiently preserve: for verily the promise of God is true: nor let those shake thy firmness, who have (themselves) no certainty of faith."

Klevius comment: Mr. Khameini, certainty of faith is not only lack of freedom but, in the case of Islam, totalitarian racist/sexist fascism! You better read Klevius definition of religion and Negative human rights for a positive future! Not to mention that you and your misled patriarchal youngster rapists/terrorists need a huge dose of education abt sex segregation!

Ayan Hirsi Ali: "Islam stopped thinking in the year 900 and has stood still for more than a thousand years. Western Muslims, however, live in an environment where you can think independently without your head being chopped off by somebody. - If a woman no longer believes, she frees herself. They are deathly afraid that if one drops out, others may follow; that is how herds function."

Klevius comment: Sorry Ayan, but I can't really see any "islamic thinking" even between Mohammed and 900! In fact "islamic thinking" is a tautology. Shinto thechnology in islamic mideast doesn,t make it islamic. The first centuries of Islam was its "golden age" of slavery.


The Viking and the Valkyrie - Islamic slave trade from the north

Also read Amil Imani on Persian Journal: Islam, The greatest threat to humanity worldwide
and Mohammad's monsters!

Klevius´hundreds of web pages/blogs called KLEVUX are the only ones clearly addressing sex segregation/detachment as the main tools for understanding medieval Islam in a modern world

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sweden's supreme court: 4 yrs of "care" & free education* for family's brutal Muslim torture & honour killing!

* It's common that alien criminals come to Sweden for free university etc education. They commit crimes (which have to be really severe given Sweden's lenient sentences - except when we talk tax etc crimes against the holy Swedish state bureaucracy - see Angels of Antichrist - kinship vs social state) and can then pick whatever degree to study before their sentence is done and they are deported.

Not only the Swedish nuclear power plants are on the verge of meltdown (see posting below) - so is the Swedich judicial system!

18-year old got four years reformatory care for, together with his family, having brutally slain a 20-year old Afghani, Abbas Rezai, in an "honor-killing". Abbas had been beaten with an iron bar and a baseball bat, doused in hot oil, and stabbed 23 times with a 29 centimetre knife. All of this for having dated the 16 year daughter in the family.

The mother of Abbas Rezai got $15,000 compensation while the mother and father of the killing family were acquitted. As their son was 17 at the time of the slain it was perfect for him to take the "penalty" alone.

Klevius comment: This verdict was solely a result of the ongoing Swedish Islamofascism craze! Also compare this to the man who stabbed a barking dog in its head and got seven years of jail in the US!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Israel vs Iran, Syria Lebanon etc - but only one has to follow the rules! Finland/EU:s double standard

Ultimately Israel now fights against an Islamic monster created by oil money and supported by shortsighted Western politicians and a sex segregated "hangover"

Isn't it a sad irony that the simple, de-sex segregated Kibbutz people from the early 20th century (long before the state of Israel), who annoyed their rigidly sex segregated Islamic neighbours just because of their very existence, now are in the fore front in the global war on Islam/terrorism that ultimately is fed by that very same sex segregation tension that is described in Angels of Antichrist - kinship vs social state).

According to Finland/EU sending Iranian rockets deliberately against civilians in Israel etc creepy deeds/aims is not terrorism!

In response to a letter signed by 213 members of the United States Congress sent to EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana asking that the EU add Hizbollah to its terrorist list Finnish (socialist) Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja answered: "Given the senstitive situtaion, I don't think this is something we will be acting on now"!

Klevius comment: Either Hezbollah is a terrorist organization or they are to be seen as part of Iran's etc military forces!

This is what Erkki Tuomioja supports! Hezbollah leader Haret Hreik Nasrallah: "if they [Jews] all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide." Nasrallah has also ruled out "co-existence with" the Jews or "peace", as "they are a cancer which is liable to spread again at any moment." "There is no solution to the conflict in this region except with the disappearance of Israel." All of this is well in line with Hezbollah's 1992 statement of their policy: "It is an open war until the elimination of Israel and until the death of the last Jew on earth." THIS IS ISLAM MR TUOMIOJA AND YOU SUPPORT FASCISM!!!

Btw, Lebanon is occupied by Hezbollah and should have withdrawn long since in accordance with UN resolution 1559!

The myth of the Palestinians

The original Palestinians were neither Muslims nor Arabs. However, when Jews re-entered the area their capability to create work made poor Arabs gather around them as bees around honey. Against this perspective and having in mind the disastrous heritage of Islam they carried with them, one may see today’s Palestine (the name is a late European invention) as a sub-urb around a prospering city in a wast desert of Arabic/Islamic nothingness (except for oil). As noted on postings below the only support Palestinians get fron Islam-Arabs is when they can be used as weapons against Jews.


Nuclear meltdown in Klevius' short-movie 'Pandora's box' became almost real while Swedish officials kept silent

Emergency at Swedish nuclear power plant "the worst since Chernobyl"!

July 25, 2006 Forsmark nuclear plant outside Stockholm faced a total shortage of electricity for the cooling pumps, except for two out of four emergency generators. However, according to Lars-Olov Höglund, previously in charge for the development office at Forsmark, it was just pure luck that these two remaining generators managed to work because they suffered the same construction flaw as what caused the two others to stop working.

Klevius' movie 'Pandora's box'* was made in late 1980's (Chernobyl occured in 1986) actually describing the very same Forsmark plant as was now on the verge to melt down, and has as a secondary main theme sex segregation. It was ordered as an educational quality warning for the belittling of the dangers associated with procuction of nuclear energy.

The movie rests on a story mixed with ancient mythology and Marlowe's Faustus. Prometheus (the male charachter) has inherited the wings of Icarus (kept together with wax that easily melts). He presumptuously flies higher than his wings are able to carry him while Faustus, in a sad, ghostly, but also evil personification, emerges almost as his twin. The female character, however, is a deeply critical reminder of the environmental/social as well as quality costs not included in the construction.

* The movie was curiously enough ordered to be made on film (instead of video) although the final product was a video cassette. Keeping in mind that it was a low-budget project and that the actors were amateurs this left little room for their experimenting with their acting (which they did amazingly well under the circumstances). No one has complained about the manuscript and the pictures, though!

Klevius comment: No matter how close it was to a meltdown the real scary problem is that Swedes (and the world) weren't told abt it until three days later!

Islam's box opened by secular West?

For an understanding of how medieval "religion", backwardness, sex segregation and totalitarian infidel-racism (called Islam) has been fed by naive/greedy western politicians etc start from KLEVUX to explore a non-religious/non-socialist world view based on negative human rights and a global security net (health, education etc) encompassing everybody!

Also see The true story of the Swedish Vikings never officially presented/admitted!